Bir Art Collective: All for One, One for All

*This article is auto-translated, so please don't judge me if there is any funny business going on :)

Bir Kolektif is a team that I am proud to be a part of, which was established by the coming together of 6 artists at the end of the summer of 2021. We opened our first exhibition on 11 December 2021 with the name "All for one, one for all". Gallery owner Koray Arman has an excellent article about the exhibition:

So what does an art lover expect from a collective exhibition?

He probably expects to see each of the artists in a "Monitor" form, in which they will form parts of the whole. While examining each work and artist separately, he wants to get the idea that all these artists are projections of the "One" whole. In other words, he wants to see and perceive the exhibition as a whole, even if he does not know about “Unity” yet. If the art lover follows these projections and witnesses that many tastes turn into a single “One” taste at the end of the journey, the exhibition turns into a memory that remains “Always” in the minds.

In this context, in the exhibition “A collective”, art lovers

Burcin Belentepe and Ilgın Tanay's paintings, in which they create modern narratives with archaic symbols and give different forms, to a journey that goes back to the beginning of the "Humanity" story.

From Hakan Dilek and Ali Ergin to the journey of the "Individual" to the center with pictures that give timeless glances to the place and feelings of "Human" in this story.

Burcu Batmaz's ceramic sculptures that take people away from their body and send them to the places and times they want to exist in their minds, and Sarp Süerdaş's canvases that wink at both childhood and the enthusiasm there and the future, and the effort to create "Human" in places where it cannot exist.

They will witness…

Or to put it briefly,

In the “Bir Collective” exhibition, art lovers will encounter a selection of the right stories from the past to the future, from the inside out, from less to more, about the stories of “Human”. And as a final word, they will hear the following from the “One” collective.

Being one is not being me. Being me is not an obstacle to being us.
All for One, one for all...

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