it's complicated - SOLDOUT

“it’s complicated” is a collection of process, creative journey and artistic challenges. The idea behind it was to come up with a collection, showcasing every single step of creating a final art piece, with all the components being individual meaningful artworks as well. Thus, every serie in “it’s complicated” consists of 7 artworks: 5 raw, 1 monotone and 1 final -which I call “the one”-


A.B.C. Fundamentals - SOLDOUT

A.B.C. Fundamentals is a collection of 26 1/1 artworks that derive from a typography nerds vision to explore the mysterious and majestic possibilities of abstract art.


One Of Those Moods - SOLDOUT

One of those moods derives from one of those moods which you live amongst all your other moods during the day. But in more technical terms, it's a generative collection of 369 moody characters. That was a bit more dull, wasn't it? Seriousness never works.



This is a collection of all drawings of me that don't belong in a collection, that are not as many to be a collection on its own or that are only one-time expressions that I had to get out of my system. It is never-ending, it is unlimited, it is not shaped around a single idea or concept. Think of it like you've found my sketchbook lying on the table and you are browsing through it, because it is exactly that.


I wish I was a proper _____ - SOLDOUT

There are some fruits and there are some vegetables. We want them to be perfect as we do with everything else, but the truth of the matter is nothing natural is ever perfect. And these poor creations in this collection are even a bit more unfortunate as they really are not proper. The title suggests it all, they wish to be more proper, but they are not. I know you are perfect, but I'm sure you can find a way to relate to that, just think of the last person you saw before you read this. Am I right?


Neonnitas Wallpapers - SOLDOUT

Neonnitas Wallpapers is a collection of high resolution wallpaper versions of the original Neonnitas NFTs to be gifted / transferred to the original Neonnitas holders.



One day it just hit me that I missed doing lettering and wanted to use it to put a smile on faces I love. These are some of the people that mean a lot to me in Avalanche community. I don't know how sustainable this is gonna be, I haven't started it with a goal, it was just a loving thought that I had. Hope these letters fulfill their purpose and give their respective owners and everyone a big smile.


Neonnitas - SOLDOUT

Noble, atomic, odorless, monatomic but never colorless. Neonnitas are very sensitive about their colors and cannot and will not stand the colorless-shaming. Every Neonnita roaming the world as you are reading this is there for a mission, a mission of color, a mission of illumination and a mission of being number 10.


Monstro City

This city is filled with weird looking balls of fur, I tell ya.



AIXS is a collaboration collection created by the infamous technology of artificial intelligence and Sarp Suerdas. Each artwork in the collection has been created following these steps: creating an absurd and meaningless command, converting this command into a prompt the AI will comprehend, getting a base reference image from the AI, drawing a new painting based on that reference image in the style of Sarp, me. Thus 12 artworks have been created for each signature color Sarp uses; cyan, magenta, yellow and green, adding up to 48 items. All items in this collection will be listed from 0.1 AVAX with 50% royalties. This decision has been given to let the collectors of the collection to determine the value of an AI-Collab collection rather than the artist claiming it valuable.


The Dimension That Never Existed

As we all know there are 3 main dimensions: 1, 2 and 3. In some instances a 4th dimension is mentioned and even some people go as far as claiming that there is a 5th. However, there is still a dimension that never existed. You know which one it is? No, you don't. Because it never existed. But, for the first time you will be able to see that dimension, maybe not know the name, but see. If you look carefully...


Meirdo Buddies - SOLDOUT

Meirdo Buddies is the first ever generative collection of Sarp, which has been launched in partnership with Kalao Go for the launch of their new feature: Dutch Auction.


Yours Truly - SOLDOUT

Yours Truly is a collection of 20 1/1 portraits created with the challenge of using 3 different stroke thicknesses to come up with the resulting impressions. Each artwork is hand-drawn and consists of 3 line strokes and color shadows.


Animeird - SOLDOUT

Animeird is the home-town of weird 1/1 animations who think they have no difference at all with the well-known animations we all see everyday. Don't get me wrong this is not a metaverse or even a universe, this is just a town of weird animations that is getting crowded by day. We can't predict how many there will be as they are quite chaotic and irregular in terms of reproducing but it is safe to say their first group started with 20 of them getting together.


Face Me! - SOLDOUT

Face Me! is a group of digital paintings, which I have recently came to the realization that they were a collection. As someone who is painting and creating visuals on daily basis, I have often found myself drawing abstract faces whenever I could not figure out what I wanted to draw, even as a hand-warming exercise time to time. Taking a moment out of life and looking back at all over 1000 digital paintings I have created, a collection emerged, thus "Face Me!" has presented itself to you. Face Me! consists of 60 faces form various styles and will be completed when all 60 are minted.



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