Face Me!

Face Me! is a group of digital paintings, which I have recently came to the realization that they were a collection. As someone who is painting and creating visuals on daily basis, I have often found myself drawing abstract faces whenever I could not figure out what I wanted to draw, even as a hand-warming exercise time to time. Taking a moment out of life and looking back at all over 1000 digital paintings I have created, a collection emerged, thus "Face Me!" has presented itself to you. Face Me! consists of 60 faces form various styles and will be completed when all 60 are minted.



Animeird is the home-town of weird 1/1 animations who think they have no difference at all with the well-known animations we all see everyday. Don't get me wrong this is not a metaverse or even a universe, this is just a town of weird animations that is getting crowded by day. We can't predict how many there will be as they are quite chaotic and irregular in terms of reproducing but it is safe to say their first group started with 20 of them getting together.


Yours Truly

Yours Truly is a collection of 20 1/1 portraits created with the challenge of using 3 different stroke thicknesses to come up with the resulting impressions. Each artwork is hand-drawn and consists of 3 line strokes and color shadows.



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